Johanna & Dan’s wedding photography

Wedding photography

Johanna and Dan tied the knot in Nashville, Tennessee and wanted to have as close to a conventional wedding ceremony as possible back at Johanna’s parents’ house in Hale.  The attention to detail was fantastic.  Two marquees were erected on the lawns for the ceremony and the wedding breakfast.  The bride and groom are both Doctors of English so naturally there was a strong literary theme.  When they actually got married in the States Johanna did not wear a wedding dress so it was a big surprise for Dan when he saw it for the first time.  As they were already married the photographs were a bit back to front as we were able to take a lot of the shots before the guests arrived for the ceremony.  This allowed us to take family photographs and bridal portraits without the pressure of guests waiting.  Q, a friend of Johanna and Dan, performed a ceremony that was as close as possible to an actual wedding one.  Even the rain, forecast for the day, only fell when everyone was inside the ceremony marquee.  All in all a great day particularly as I had a fantastic room with beautiful soft light from the large windows to work in, (and of course a beautiful Bride and Groom).  🙂

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Johanna & Dan's wedding photographyRay Kearney

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