Lady Bikers of California – San Francisco

I moved on from Yosemite to meet up with three more members of the Lady Bikers of California in San Francisco.  As it was during the working week only three of the ladies could make the shoot.  As it was it turned out to be a fantastic day.  It meant I could concentrate on the ladies individually and we didn’t have to spend time setting up the same sort of shots and keep swapping bikes around.

We started off at the tram terminus where Jeanne knew one of the guys who operated the trams and we were able to get right next to the turntable.  The ladies were pure ‘Bad Ass’, when they weren’t trying to suppress the giggles that is 😄😄.

Tee suggested we go to a jetty that has Alcatraz in the background as it could look awesome.  All was going well as I set up the shots I wanted to take and then there was a problem……a police car arrived with flashing lights and siren!!!  A rather stern looking lady police officer approached us and I tried to plead ignorance but Tee had already said that she know what we were doing was illegal (Doh!).  I was instructed to put my camera down and not to dare take any more shots as she went to speak to Michelle and Jeanne.  So we left but I had already got some of the shots I wanted.

We then headed off to Fort Point which is right under the Golden Gate Bridge.  The scene was amazing…….the might of the Golden Gate Bridge….the roaring surf and in my mind the slightly mad surfers.  The weather wasn’t brilliant and the light was rather dull to say the least but somehow it all added to the atmosphere.


You can view a slideshow of all the images by clicking HERE

SF Riders 005

 SF Riders 006

 SF Riders 007

 SF Riders 010

 SF Riders 015

 SF Riders 018

 SF Riders 019

SF Riders 021

I loved the reflections in the sunglasses SF Riders 022

SF Riders 025

We all drove/rode down the awesome Lombard Street

SF Riders 027

The girls actually did it twice so I could get a shot of them 🙂 SF Riders 029

 SF Riders 033

 SF Riders 034

 SF Riders 035

SF Riders 036

Michelle taking a great ‘Selfie’

 SF Riders 038

 SF Riders 041

 SF Riders 044

 SF Riders 046

SF Riders 049

Tee doing her best ‘Karate Kid’ impression, lol

  SF Riders 052

Lady Bikers of California - San FranciscoRay Kearney

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  1. Darlene Ramirez on

    Love these. You captured the essence of San Francisco and the female rider

  2. Beautiful pics… I was born in San Francisco, hence sentimental vslue❤️

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