I left Santa Barbara on sadly my last day in the States and headed off to Malibu for another shoot I had arranged with some more of the wonderful Lady Bikers of California.  The winds were unbelievably high and I stopped off in San Buenaventura beach to photograph some of the huge waves.  They were so strong they actually washed away part of a pier at Ventura less than a mile away from where I was!

I met up with the ladies at Neptune’s Net restaurant and after a bite to eat we started the rather windswept shoot across the road with the amazing Pacific Ocean as a backdrop.  Sadly due to time restrictions some of the ladies had to leave after I photographed the individual riders so I followed Debra and Kathleen to Zuma beach to finish off the shoot.  It was the perfect location and just the sort of place I wanted as a background.  The Lifeguard’s station was pure American.  I wanted to try and take shots wherever I went that screamed where they had been taken.  The location may have been perfect but the weather wasn’t.  The winds blew an almighty sandstorm right across the beach where I was trying to work.  It got so bad when I was photographing Debra that Kathleen had to try and shield me and my camera with a coat.  Unfortunately I think some sand somehow got into my sealed camera and lens and I’ve had a slight problem with it since.  Not to worry; it can be fixed, and I got the shots I was after.  So forget expensive exfoliants and simply lie down in the road next to a very windswept beach 😄😄.

Although there were lots of colourful bikes and clothing I thought the shots would look brilliant in black and white so I did a colour version (which you can see below) and created a B&W version for the slideshow.  You can make up your own mind which works best.

I said goodbye to Debra and Kathleen, thanked them for their patience and co-operation and headed off to have a look round Santa Monica before heading off to the airport for my flight to Sydney.  It was the perfect last day of my adventure in America.  I wish I could do it all over again.  Thank you so much to all the ladies who took part.  xx


You can view a slideshow of all the images by clicking HERE

Malibu riders 001

 Malibu riders 007

 Malibu riders 020

 Malibu riders 023

 Malibu riders 026

 Malibu riders 033

 Malibu riders 036

 Malibu riders 041

 Malibu riders 044

 Malibu riders 048

Malibu riders 049

Malibu riders 054a

Malibu riders 056

 Malibu riders 058

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