Samuel makes his entrance

Pregnancy and newborn photography

The final instalment of Sarah’s journey through pregnancy has now finished.  On 22nd January 2014 she give birth to a beautiful son, Samuel.  As Sarah and Jamie knew the baby would be a boy they were able to prepare the nursery in advance.  I have photographed Sarah throughout her pregnancy and finally put the icing on the cake with a shoot of the completed family.  I don’t think Sarah has stopped grinning from ear to ear since Samuel’s arrival.  It was privilege to be able to record her pregnancy and to be able to replace the bump with little Samuel.

I have always wanted to be able to record the progress through to the new arrival and show the stages with all the emotions and happiness that goes with it rather than take ‘trophy baby’ shots of a mother holding her ‘prize’ up to the camera.  Pregnancy is a very personal time in a woman’s life and I wanted to be able to capture the feelings and emotions that go with it and have some very different images to show the child in the future.

People often ask me “When is the best time to have a portrait taken ?” and I always say “Now”.  Children change so quickly.  Samuel will look completely different in six months or two years time.  The type of images I take will reflect the personality of the child at the age they are at.  I want to take a photograph of who the child is rather than simply what they look like.


You can see a video of the images from the various shoots I did with Sarah here


Sarah bump 063

Sarah bump 066

Samuel’s new friends

Sarah bump 043

Sarah bump 042

Sarah bump 045

Sarah bump 046

Sarah bump 050

Sarah bump 060

Samuel makes his entranceRay Kearney

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