Jody – from Bump to Ralph

Pregnancy shoot

On 11th February 2014 after only 33 weeks and weighing less than six pounds Ralph Hyland came into the world.  I photographed a very excited and glowing Jody in the final weeks of her pregnancy and was delighted to follow up with a shoot of her and Ralph in his first weeks.  Photographing children is all about patience, and in particular with newborns without a nappy, dealing with them when they decide to wee all over their mother as I’m about to take a shot.  It’s always good to have somewhere to put my camera out of harm’s way when trying to help 🙂

People often ask “When is the best time to have some portraits taken?” and I always say “Now”.  Children change so quickly.  In six months Ralph will look very different and the style of images I would shoot would be different.  With newborn babies I feel the images should be about the bond and relationship rather than someone holding a baby up to the camera like a trophy.  As time goes by every child will develop his or her own personality that sets them apart from every other child and I want to capture who they are not what they look like.  There is nothing wrong with large volume supermarket photography if you want a photograph of what your child looks like in a set-up scenario but if you want images of who they are and your relationship with him or her please get in touch.

To see a video of the images from bump to new born click here

 Hyland 025a

Hyland 032

Hyland 037

Hyland 041

Hyland 045

Jody - from Bump to RalphRay Kearney

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