Pregnancy shoot – Jody and her ‘Bump’

Pregnancy shoot

Jody is nearing the end of her pregnancy and has a perfect bump for some wonderful pregnancy shots.  I wanted to create some intimate, sensitive images showing Jody glowing and full of joy at imminent arrival of her son.  There will be another session next week following up some of the ideas I’ve had for something, hopefully, a little bit different.  Then when the baby arrives we are going to take some more shots replacing the bump with her son Ralph.  I’m almost excited as she is.  As they say, “watch this space” 🙂

There is a video of all the images from the shoot here

Please tell anyone you know who is pregnant about this post and may want a lasting memory of the wonderful event.

Hyland 008a

Hyland 007

Hyland 010-2b

Hyland 015

Hyland 014

Hyland 021a

Hyland 020a

Jody simply glowing


Pregnancy shoot - Jody and her 'Bump'Ray Kearney

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