Smile – Baby photography

Photographing children is all about one thing, patience.  There have been times when a baby has simply decided not to play ball and cries before the shoot even begins.  My goal is to wait for the baby to quieten down and get the image the parents want.  Sometimes it can be a long wait and occasionally I have to capture that moment when the crying stops for breath.  Ned however was different.  He had the most wonderful, gumiest smile from the moment I started shooting.  I know he does cry as he burst into loud and prolonged tears at the viewing when his Mum, Grandmother and Aunt let out a loud collective Aww when they saw the first image on the screen which startled him completely.  True to form he quickly returned to a very happy baby with lots of smiles.

You can see all the images from the shoot here

Happy baby

Mum and laughing baby

Mum and happy baby

Surprised baby

Even when he didn’t smile he looked gorgeous

Mum and baby

Mum and baby in bed

Mum and baby in bed 2

Baby under towel

Baby under towel 2

SmileRay Kearney

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