Pre wedding shoot at Liverpool waterfront

Pre-wedding shoot

Hannah and James are getting married in a few weeks time and decided to have their pre wedding shoot around the city that means so much to them.  The plan was simple….. early Sunday  morning around the Liverpool waterfront before people started to fill the streets.  Except……… when we arranged it we did not know about the parade of giant puppets!!!  As I drove into the city centre all the roads near the Albert Docks were closed and I had to meet up with Hannah and James so they could lead me to a car park they knew about.  There were barriers everywhere and the area was filling up rapidly with people waiting for the parade.  We started off in a place where we knew there would be no one else as Hannah had been given permission for some shots to be taken on the rooftop terrace of an hotel she had been in a couple of nights earlier.  We got a great view of the Liverpool skyline and then we headed for the waterfront.  Things could not have worked out better as once we moved behind the lines of people at the barriers there were very few people around the front of the buildings.  We started at the iconic Cunard building and eventually finished at the Albert Docks.

Hannah and James were brilliant throughout the pre wedding shoot as they were not asked to pose too much and they were having the shoot around an area they love.  The biggest advantage of a pre wedding shoot is that I get to work with the couple before the wedding so we all know how the shots are going to be taken on the day and any potential shyness or embarrassment are removed.

I can’t wait for the big day so keep a look out for a blog post of the wedding.  You can see a slideshow all of the shots from the pre wedding shoot here

Couple with Liver building

Couple outside Cunard building

Couple cuddling at Albert Docks

Collier 033

Screen kiss at Albert Docks

Couple standing cuddling at Albert Docks

Pre wedding shoot at Liverpool waterfrontRay Kearney

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