Gareth and his Ducati Diavel in Castlefield

Ducati Diavel

As soon as I saw Gareth’s Ducati Diavel I wanted to photograph it.  I’m not into riding motorbikes but I did appreciate the lines and shapes of it and saw it as a beautiful photogenic machine.  I know that is probably sacrilege to bike fans but hey, I’m a photographer.  There were lots of different venues I could choose for the shoot but I wanted the juxtaposition of the very old engineering of Victorian bridges, rusty columns and aged brickwork surrounding an ultra modern marvel of 21st century engineering and Castlefield in Manchester city centre has it all in spades.

Gareth thought I just wanted to photograph the bike but I said I wanted him in a lot of the shots, as after all it was his bike (one of several he has as it turns out).  I promised there would be no cheesy shots of him posing, showing off his bike to the camera etc. and what I was after was images whereby he was almost secondary to the bike.

We arranged to do the shoot quite early on a Saturday morning when there would be few people and cars about.  It was a typical Manchester summer’s day, chucking it down, but fortunately it didn’t matter as we were sheltered by the bridges and archways but more importantly there were some great pools of light to give the right atmosphere for the shots.

I’m very pleased with the end results and thankfully so is Gareth 😃

Ducati Diavel 2

Ducati Diavel in Castlefield Manchester

man with motorbike 2

 man with motorbike 3

Ducati Diavel

Lowe 021a

Lowe 001-3

Lowe 023



Gareth and his Ducati Diavel in CastlefieldRay Kearney

2 comments on "Gareth and his Ducati Diavel in Castlefield"

  1. Naomi Butler on

    Hi I really like the atmosphere you have captured in these pictures. I really like the one under the bridges and was wondering which bridges these area in Castlefield?

    • Ray Kearney on

      Hi Naomi
      I’m sorry I haven’t replied earlier but I’ve only just seen the question you posted. The bridges are alongside the canal and the overhead railway bridge. The arches are in the carpark, (follow the road from Albert’s Shed over the canal and they are on the right). I hope this helps.

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