Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle Photography

Who you are not what you look like

Lifestyle photography is a record of who you are and what you like to do rather than a photograph of someone posing with a car, motorbike, horse, boat etc.



Owning a motor bike isn’t like owning a car.  You become one with a bike.  People don’t often drive a car for pleasure, a bike is different.  They are bought with the heart rather than the head as with a car.  No consideration is given to how many kids you can get in the back or will you be able to get those units from Ikea in the boot.  I don’t believe a photograph of you and your bike should be a boring “Look at me with my new bike” shot.  It should be about the lifestyle, the symbolism, and the beauty of the machine.


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Lifestyle photographyRay Kearney
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