Spider catching wasp in its web

Window’s web battle

Window’s web battle

The wonders of nature and a battle for survival

I was sitting at my computer when something outside the window caught my eye.  I have a translucent blind at the window and I could see something swinging about on the other side of the window.  When I pulled up the blind I saw it was a spider whose web had broken under the weight of the raindrops on it and it was desperately trying to repair it.  I found the process amazing and the skill of the spider had to be admired.  As there was a window between us it didn’t feel threatened and of course I could get really close with my macro lens.  Even some arachnophobes I know could admire the skill (well some at least, but not my daughter) 🙂

Spider fixing web 1

Each raindrop must have felt like a ton weight

Spider fixing web 2

Spider fixing web 3

When you haven’t got enough legs use your mouth as well

A couple of days later I could see through the translucent blind the spider was in the middle of the window obviously having rebuilt the web.  I got out my camera and macro lens, pulled up the blind and as I crawled onto the top of my desk to get close enough for the shot I saw a wasp nearing the window. Suddenly the wasp touched the web and the spider shot across it in a flash and attacked the wasp.  The spider had cocooned the wasp in a couple of seconds and it was well and truly trussed up for dinner later that night.  It was an amazing scene to witness.  I could not believe the speed with which the wasp was incapacitated.  Nature is fantastic.

Spider catching wasp in its web

The wasp managed to get a sting in but the spider carried on regardless

Spider fighting with wasp

Eight legs versus six. No contest. The speed of the spider ensures victory

Spider 001

The wasp is soon trussed up for the spider to have for dinner later

Window's web battleRay Kearney

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  1. John Maxwell on

    Absolutely amazing photographs. Well done

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