…..and off we went.  After taking some individual shots at La Perouse I wanted to try and get some images of the girls actually riding.  It was too crowded and full of cars where we were, plus I really wanted somewhere where I could take shots without helmets.  Yes, yes I know it’s dangerous (OK…illegal too!) but one of the instant images of motor bikes is freedom and hair blowing in the wind (although not quite like Kara’s, even without the bike, lol).

All the iconic images of people on bikes are shot without helmets (Easy Rider, Top Gun, Mission Impossible….) which meant we needed to find somewhere safe and traffic free.  Thankfully some of the girls knew of a private road next to Botany Bay Container Terminal so off we went.  One of the first sights we saw was of a testosterone filled young lad pulling wheelies, parading in front of eight beautiful women.  It was quite funny, and somewhat predictable, although I might have been tempted to do the same many decades ago (if I could ride a bike that is, 😄).  Pretty soon we had the road to ourselves and fortunately it was wide enough so the girls could ride eight abreast (when no one stalled that is 😄😄).  After a couple of runs I simply asked them to just chat amongst themselves whilst I took some informal shots.  Once again the shots were improved by rolling clouds giving the occasional dramatic backdrop and again I’ve included a black and white version of most of the images.

Thank you so much ladies for all your patience and co-operation in making my final biker shoot so brilliant. xx

You can view a slideshow of all the images by clicking HERE

Foxy Fuelers 046 B&W Foxy Fuelers 052 B&W Foxy Fuelers 053a B&W Foxy Fuelers 055 B&W Foxy Fuelers 057 Foxy Fuelers 058 Foxy Fuelers 060 Foxy Fuelers 061 Foxy Fuelers 062 Foxy Fuelers 063 Foxy Fuelers 064 Foxy Fuelers 067 B&W Foxy Fuelers 068 B&W Foxy Fuelers 069 B&W Foxy Fuelers 074 Foxy Fuelers 078 B&W Foxy Fuelers 080 B&W Foxy Fuelers 082 Foxy Fuelers 083 Foxy Fuelers 087 Foxy Fuelers 088

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