After leaving the USA I headed for Australia and met up with some fabulous bikers from the Foxy Fuelers at La Perouse, Sydney.  Nicolette Skobier is the top fox and she organised some of the Foxies to meet up at Botany Bay National Park for a shoot as part of my project ‘The Rise of the Lady Biker’.  They were all young women with a passion for motor bikes and I loved the whole look of the group and decided I wanted to create black and white versions of the images as I felt it would possibly look better.  So the slideshow has most of the images fading from black and white to colour and you can make your own mind up as to which looks better.

Sydney had just had three days of torrential rain and as I drove to La Perouse the heavens opened once more but the storm clouds soon parted, sadly a little too late for Sarah who got caught right in the middle of a downpour.  The sun came out and there were some fantastic clouds that kept rolling in and black and white photographs can really bring out all the definition.  After some group shots I started taking individual ones.  I told the girls I did not want to take cheesy ‘sitting on a bike smiling at the camera’ images but rather I wanted some attitude as well as relaxed, chillin’ ones.  They played their parts to perfection.  I wanted to take some of them riding and preferably without helmets.  The place where we were was full of parked cars and did not really lend itself to more than two riders at a time.  Nicolette suggested we drive to a private road next to the Port Botany Container Terminal and you can see the results in Part 2.

You can view a slideshow of all the images by clicking HERE

 Foxy Fuelers 007 Foxy Fuelers 004 Foxy Fuelers 009 Foxy Fuelers 014

Foxy Fuelers 015 Foxy Fuelers 019 Foxy Fuelers 020 B&W Foxy Fuelers 026 B&W Foxy Fuelers 029 Foxy Fuelers 032 Foxy Fuelers 036 B&W Foxy Fuelers 038 B&W

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  1. I ride myself and my name is Paula. How do I find out where you may be doing more shots as I think your pics are amazing.

    1. Hi Paula
      Thank you for your kind comment. I take it from your email address that you are in Australia. I am from the UK and I’m back now in cold, wet, miserable Manchester, lol. I absolutely loved working with all the lady riders; it was a blast!
      I will arrange a shoot just with you as soon as possible………oh there is one thing….could you just arrange for your private jet to take me to my 5 star suite overlooking the Opera House and I’ll call you from there!
      I will sit waiting with baited breath for your reply 🙂 🙂 🙂 x

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