The Rise of the Lady Biker

My project is gathering pace.  I have booked the photographic trip of several lifetimes and I’m off to New York, California, Sydney, Singapore and Dubai at the end of November.  I’ve photographed some groups of lady bikers over the last few months and enjoyed it so much I have decided to document the rise of the lady biker across the globe on my travels.  My latest shoot involved some members of Women in the Wind (Wolf Spirit UK chapter) and in the shoots so far I have tried to highlight some iconic backdrops in the images.  I decided to take the photographs for this one on and around the ‘Silver Jubilee Bridge’ which spans the River Mersey from Widnes to Runcorn in Cheshire.  An early morning roll call was called for to try and minimise the amount of other traffic.  Unfortunately some thunder storms during the night may have put some of the riders, who said they were going, off.  Nevertheless we went ahead and had a fantastic time and as it turned out the skies were totally clear and the sun beamed down.  The ladies were brilliant.  They were willing to go back and forth as often as necessary to get the right shots.  As time drew on the traffic built up and we had to call it a day but thankfully got the shots I wanted.

I would like to thank all those who turned up for their co-operation and patience and hopefully they like the shots as much as I do.  A special thank you goes out to Andrea Barlow for all her help in promoting and organising everything.


You can see a slide show of the images by clicking here

Women in the Wind 014B&W Women in the Wind 018B&W Women in the Wind 019B&W Women in the Wind 017B&W Women in the Wind 022B&W Women in the Wind 029B&W Women in the Wind 031B&W Women in the Wind 041B&W Women in the Wind 010B&W Women in the Wind 002B&W Women in the Wind 045B&W Women in the Wind 042B&W Women in the Wind 046B&W Women in the Wind 049B&W Women in the Wind 050B&W Women in the Wind 052B&W

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  1. Hey Ray ! Thank you for doing an excellent job we all look fantastic .Look forward to your finished project, good luck Christine Courtliff President of Women in the Wind Wolf Spirit Chapter Uk……

    1. Thanks Christine. It’s easy when everyone is as up for the shoot as you and the girls were. I had a great time. x

  2. Awesome job. Maybe we will see you when you get to the states. WITW Sin Sity Sister chapter, Las Vegas

    1. Thanks Karen. I’m in LA on the 3rd December and then off to Yosemite the following day for about five days. From there I’m going to San Francisco and then spending about three days driving back to LA. I’m hoping to do some shoots in California so if you’re anywhere near the area let me know. 😄

      1. Ray,

        The Bay Area is my old riding grounds…If you’re heading north…Make sure you head up to Alice’s Restaurant in Woodside, CA (Intersection of CA-35 and CA-84) for lots of bikes! (and good food, too!) Continue West bound on CA-84 to the coast or South on CA-35 to CA-9 West to the coast for lots of fun Bike rides!

        And head up the coast on CA-1…starting North of Lompoc…email me for other suggestions. 🙂

        Safe travels to you!

        1. Hi Jodie
          Thanks for the info. It’s really useful to have local knowledge as obviously I don’t have a clue where I’m going. I just hope the weather is not too bad (especially in Yosemite!) when I visit in December. I’ll keep hold of your email address and may be back in touch as the trip gets closer for some more suggestions.
          Thanks again

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