The Rise of the Lady Biker

I have booked the photographic trip of several lifetimes whereby I am travelling to New York, California, Sydney, Singapore and Dubai and hope to document the rise in the number of lady bikers around the world by arranging photo shoots in each of the places I am visiting with local ladies only motor cyclist clubs and groups.

The idea for the project came from a couple of shoots I did with some groups of women motorcyclists in Manchester and Ireland.  I enjoyed the shoots so much I decided to make it a worldwide project and I contacted some other Ladies’ Motor Cycle Clubs to try and arrange a few more shoots.  I found out about a group in Yorkshire called the Lippy Ladies and contacted their West Yorkshire representative, Julie Simpson, and explained what I was trying to do.  She said to count her in and very kindly contacted members via the club’s Facebook page and nine other ladies said they could make the location,date and time I was proposing.  I wanted to try and use some locations that highlighted parts of the UK and I found the Victoria Tower on Castle Hill near Huddersfield in Yorkshire and the ‘Woodhead Pass’ high on Holme Moss.  I suggested an early start on a Sunday morning to try and minimise the amount of traffic and visitors to the venues. Everyone seemed to have a great time as you can see in the images below.  The ladies who turned up were absolutely brilliant and were totally co-operative and obliging when the bikes needed to be manoeuvred onto some less than even ground.  The camaraderie I have found amongst the lady bikers I have photographed is wonderful.  Some of them have been riding for years whilst others are fairly new to it.  It doesn’t seem to matter to them, experienced or newbies, they are all there for each other.

I can’t wait to begin my trip and thankfully I have a few more groups to photograph before I leave.


You can view a slide show of all the images by clicking here


Lippy Ladies 002 Lippy Ladies 005 Lippy Ladies 006 Lippy Ladies 010 Lippy Ladies 014 Lippy Ladies 015 Lippy Ladies 008B&W Lippy Ladies 009-2aB&W Lippy Ladies 021 Lippy Ladies 023 Lippy Ladies 024 Lippy Ladies 025 Lippy Ladies 027 Lippy Ladies 030B&W Lippy Ladies 020B&W Lippy Ladies 029 Lippy Ladies 034 Lippy Ladies 035 Lippy Ladies 036 Lippy Ladies 037 Lippy Ladies 039 Lippy Ladies 041 Lippy Ladies 042 Lippy Ladies 045B&W Lippy Ladies 044B&W Lippy Ladies 047 Lippy Ladies 048 Lippy Ladies 012

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  1. Love the pics would like to see any others as would be interested in maybe buying some copies for myself 😁 but brill pics brill time was ace ray you are cool 😎

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