Curvy Riders MCC Tea Party

Curvy Riders MCC Tea Party

Following the shoot with Debbie and Liz of the Curvy Riders Motor Cycle Club in Castlefield, Manchester, Debbie wanted to try and get some of the other girls together and have a shoot involving their favourite bit of the meets which is having tea and cakes.  She arranged for Michelle from The Teaparty Company to bring along some of her vintage tea services and cake stands and Liz provided the delicious cupcakes.  All we needed was the perfect day and of course being Manchester it rained!  All was not lost and the rain cleared before the shoot started.  Everything was perfect except no one thought of bringing any tea to drink!!! 😀😀.  To say it was not easy getting the bikes into position at the top of the Amphitheatre would be an understatement.

After they ate the cakes and pretended to delicately sip Earl Grey I tried to arrange them under an archway with very slippery cobbles on the ground.  After we got the bikes into position I issued very clear instructions; I would wave for them all to ride towards me……. together!!  However Liz on her Triumph Thruxton thought “Sod that” and went haring off leaving everyone trailing! 😀😀.  So everyone lined up, again, and Liz managed somehow to keep her enthusiasm in check and I got the shots.  I must say the girls were brilliant considering the road surface was not the best and a couple of times we had to manhandle (and womanhandle) a bike or two into position.  The morning was finished off with a ‘Full English Breakfast’ in the local Wetherspoons pub.  The girls told me they really enjoyed it and I had a fantastic time with six lovely bikers.

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Curvy Riders MCC Tea PartyRay Kearney

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  1. Buddy Fisher on

    It was a brilliant experience bringing together bikes and cake! Your shots are excellent Ray, the perspective you achieve is so precise. Loved every moment – even biking in the thick cloud over Woodhead pass to get there!!

  2. What an amazing day had by all, it certainly captures the friendship we all have which continues to grow! It was so much fun to do, I loved every minute! Ray I love the photo’s and cannot thank you enough, it was great working with you.

  3. Teapartycompany were delighted to be apart of this amazing photoshoot at Castlefield on Sunday morning. The photos are amazing The Curvy Bikers Rock ! So does RKP

  4. Fantastic photos, really captured the spirit of Curviness.

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