A trip back to Belfast

A few years ago I took my children to see where I grew up in Belfast.  As usually happens when you grow up things and places from your childhood seemed to be a lot bigger when you were small.  I’m still small but the streets I took my children to now seem tiny.  So how come one of the places I visited in my formative years (which I remember as going for a bit of a stroll) has turned into Mount Fecking Everest?!!  I went to visit family and decided my new role of getting off my backside and going for a walk should not lapse so I thought what a brilliant idea to relive my childhood and walk up what is known locally as ‘The Cavehill’.  As a child I seem to remember skipping lightly along the gentle slopes to get to the top, which is called ‘Napoleon’s Nose’.  In a total reverse of childhood memories of things that appeared big turning out to be small a heart attack inducing monster stood in my way.  I eventually made it to the top to discover a lady whom I had spoken to earlier on the way up had beaten me to the top.  The fact that she was in her seventies and needed a walking stick did little for my self-esteem!!  I’m using the excuse that she didn’t keep stopping to try and get a decent photograph on a very overcast day allowed her to beat me to it.  The view from the to summit is fantastic as you can see right over Belfast Lough and the city.  I walked back along the ridge and must say I had a great time reliving my somewhat rose-tinted childhood memories.

View from the summit of the Cavehill

Top of the ridge on Cavehill

When I arrived at the airport my sister took me to a place called Ballymoney parts of which have now become famous as locations for ‘Game of Thrones’.  We went to Bregagh Rd which is now more famously known as ‘The Dark Hedges’ and then on the Ballintoy Harbour and beach.  I would love to go back to the areas I visited again when the lighting is better and more dramatic and perhaps take in a trip to ‘The Giants’ Causeway’

Dark hedges 2

This is not a narrow lane but a normal two lane road with lots of traffic whizzing up and down it.

Dark hedges

Ballintoy beach

A trip back to BelfastRay Kearney

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