Landscape photography

Landscape photography

I have always loved looking at landscape photographs and I am in awe of those photographers at the top of the tree so to speak.  My efforts so far have been ‘I was there’ shots whereby I went somewhere scenic, pointed my camera at the view and took a picture.  I haven’t quite got the dedication of getting up at 4:00am to climb to the top of a mountain (or small hill in my case) to photograph the sun rising with the early morning mist rolling across the mirror calm lake.  I simply want to get some much needed exercise and enjoy the views.  I have been studying the imagery of the great landscape photographers and am trying to use some of their techniques with the scene in front of me.  I should point out I am a very fair weather wannabe landscape photographer.  If it’s raining, windy and cold then sod that, someone else can get a great shot in the middle of a thunderstorm, hurricane or frozen tundra.  Give me warm sunny days where I don’t have to get up at some god-forsaken hour and trek for miles only to find the barbed wire is preventing me from getting the shot I would like to take.

Point number one (or moan really): who the hell puts the trail sign posts up in these scenic places?  I want to walk along a prescribed path that will eventually take me back to my car .  So far I have spent some considerable time staring at posts in the ground with three arrows pointing in different directions (ahead, left and right) allegedly taking me along the route marked on the map I picked up at the Visitors’ Centre.  Or coming to a fork in the path with no sign at all!!  At Tegg’s Nose I saw the summit from all sorts of angles.  Still think of the exercise 🙂

All in all to be honest it was a very enjoyable day.  There is something wonderful about looking out over a landscape which has been shaped by man with his dry stone walls and green fields together with the raw undulating landscape forged by nature.  You never know I might even go out in a light drizzle one day 🙂

Panorama looking out over Derbyshire hills Panorama of Tegg's Nose reservoir Tegg's Nose reservoir Water's edge at Tegg's Nose reservoir Panorama at the start of the Country Park trail at Tegg's Nose IMG_7574 IMG_7555 IMG_7599 IMG_7550 IMG_7461

Landscape photographyRay Kearney

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  1. Lorna and Bill Williams on

    Love those Ray, can we walk with you? xx

    • Thank you. I’d love to have another walk up there soon. It would be great to have someone to carry me up the last hill 🙂
      Just let me know when you are ready for a leisurely stroll. xx

  2. I can only hope to get as good as this with my photography.
    It’s absolutely Beautiful.

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