Horse photography

I recently had the pleasure of photographing two experienced and confident riders, Sarah and her daughter Ruby with their horse and pony, Blue and Coco.  First of all we went for a short walk along the Trans-Pennine trail with the horses.  It was a beautiful day and the setting was perfect.  We headed back to the stables and I took some shots of Ruby and her pony, Coco, galloping in one of the fields next to the stables.  We set up some fences in the arena and before long Ruby was suggesting they “Bang it up” to to get her Mum to jump higher as Sarah put Blue through its paces.  It was time for some close up shots so I decided to let the horses get used to me next to the jumps and eventually I managed to get some great shots with my fish-eye lens.  We finished off with Sarah & Ruby relaxing whilst their horses recovered from the jumping.

You can see a slide show of all the images by clicking here

Hurd 006 B&W

Hurd 007 B&W

Hurd 009 B&W

Hurd 008 B&W

Hurd 012

Hurd 020

Hurd 022

Hurd 024

Hurd 025

Hurd 026

Hurd 028

Hurd 029

Hurd 031

Hurd 032

Hurd 034

Hurd 035

Hurd 038

Hurd 040

Hurd 043

Hurd 051

Hurd 052

Hurd 059



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