Family Portraits

As men get older it becomes more difficult to decide what to get us for birthdays and Christmas.  Jayne decided to get her husband a present that will last for years; a portrait shoot of his lovely daughters, Lizzy, Alice and Madeleine.  I love autumn portrait shoots as they provide the most spectacular colours, (providing it’s not raining of course!).  As luck would have it the rain held off during the shoot and it wasn’t too cold.

I’ve always said that when you have more than one child the image you really want to see is one where they all look like they actually like each other!!  There was no acting needed with the girls.  They were brilliant and a joy to work with.  They did everything I asked of them and more 😃.  At the end of the shoot I took them onto the lawn which was full of crisp leaves and let nature take its course.  Sibling rivalry took over and scores were settled with a battle of leaves.  Thankfully the girls all said they really enjoyed the session and couldn’t wait to see the results.

You can see a slide show of all the images by clicking HERE

Poxon sisters 002

Poxon sisters 005

Poxon sisters 008

Poxon sisters 015

Poxon sisters 018

Poxon sisters 020

Poxon sisters 021

Poxon sisters 022

Poxon sisters 024

Poxon sisters 025

Poxon sisters 026

Poxon sisters 027

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