The exams are over and the festivities are about to begin.  Claire asked her classmates from St Mary’s University College, Belfast to meet at her house before heading off to their ‘Formal’ dinner.  She told her Mum that there might be about 5 or 6 people coming to the house…….. Mum, Siobhan, took no notice and catered for an army!   As usual she was right as 26 turned up.  They were a truly great bunch and somehow even managed to enjoy the photographs, apparently.  They headed off for the meal and typical of students partied until 7:00am the next day.  To think that from September they will be allowed to actually teach school children ………………. 😀😀

To see all of the images from the evening click HERE

 Claire 009a Claire 006a Claire 015

Mum, Siobhan, just had to subtly phot-bomb
Mum, Siobhan, just had to subtly phot-bomb

Claire 018 Claire 098a Claire 092a Claire 111a Claire 101

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