Pet photography – Golden Doodles

Pet photography

Sharon and her husband John do not do things by half and ended up with two dogs and not little ones either.  Freddie and George are brother and sister and are Golden Doodles which is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle.  To say they are big is an understatement, and they’ve not stopped growing yet.  I was worried in case they decided to get too friendly and jump up on me.  I wouldn’t have stood a chance.  Sharon and John thought it was going to be a sedate shoot but they were in for a surprise as I had them running all over the place with the dogs.

The shoot took place in one of my favourite locations, Denzell Gardens.  It is the perfect venue for walking dogs.  Lots of lawns and woodland areas.  I’ve always believed pet photography should show the animal’s personality rather than getting them to sit and poop off a load of shots.  Freddie and George were on great form and with the odd bark from me gave me some great looks (probably thought I was totally mad).  🙂

Doodles 023 Doodles 021 Doodles 030 Doodles 032 Doodles 025 Doodles 014 Doodles 010 Doodles 007 Doodles 028

Pet photography - Golden DoodlesRay Kearney

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