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Whilst back in Belfast I visited St George’s market for some Saturday Brunch.  Well what can I say…. it was amazing.  The food, the cakes, the colours, the cakes, the fruit and veg, the cakes, and the fresh fish and meats were a full volume attack on the all the senses.  Did I mention the cakes? 😀😀.  The brunch I had was unbelievable.  I’ve never seen so much bacon and sausage in one helping.  I was really disappointed that I had not taken my camera with me.  To be honest I just thought it was going to be some old fashioned market stalls.  I never expected how good it was going to be.  I made a note to return with my camera and try to capture some of the atmosphere.  St George’s market proudly proclaims that it was voted the best large indoor market in the UK.  The atmosphere was brilliant with live music from some talented musicians and fresh food being prepared wherever you looked and of course the most delicious looking cakes I’ve seen (and tasted of course 😀).

It is definitely worth a visit (or two) if you’re anywhere near Belfast.

A slide show of the images I took can be seen  HERE

St George's 001 St George's 002 St George's 005 St George's 003 St George's 006 St George's 014 St George's 016 St George's 020 St George's 018 St George's 019 St George's 028 St George's 031 St George's 007 St George's 011 St George's 027 St George's 023 St George's 034 St George's 040

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