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Thirty years ago my Australian brother-in-law, John O’ Connor, visited Ireland for the first time and discovered a wonderful Victorian pub in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh.  He fondly remembered chatting away to an old regular called Jimmy (?) about visiting from Australia.  When his wife, Colette, was visiting for our nephew’s wedding we decided to call in for a wee drink on our way back to Belfast.  Jimmy sadly has passed away but there is a poster on the wall of what looks like a German Magazine cover featuring the long time regular.  It is an amazing pub which still retains many of the fixtures and fittings from 1887.  I couldn’t resist getting my camera out to capture some of the essence for John (and myself of course).  Colette and my sister-in-law, Siobhan sat chatting away with the landlord and a regular whilst I happily snapped away.  I love my fish-eye lens and it certainly came in useful in what I thought was just a tiny pub.  It turns out there are three storeys in the building and we had only seen a small part of it.  We were looking for somewhere to eat and thought they might have some pub grub but the barman told us to go through a door and down the stairs.  We went down two levels and found the most amazing restaurant called Cafe Merlot with fantastic vaulted ceilings and beautiful décor.  Somehow we were still expecting pub grub but one look at the menu told us we were in for a treat and some fine dining.  The food was wonderful and we had a great time.  It is only now as I write this I found out from its website that there are two other bars and a further restaurant.  Check it out on their website here

It was well worth a visit if you are ever in Northern Ireland 😀

Blake's 003
Siobhan trying to pretend she’s not really there 😀
Blake's 002
Poster of Jimmy top right

Blake's 006 Blake's 008 Blake's 011 Blake's 004 Blake's 007

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  1. Cheers Ray a lovely write up and some amazing photos of the Hollow, we look forward to your next visit..

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