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About us

I have been in love with photography all my life and when my daughter was born my passion for portraiture took off.
As I became more interested, being a man, I obviously needed more equipment to make me a ‘better photographer’. How wrong could I be. Having the best canvas and paint brushes does not make me an artist. I soon realised there are only two things that matter in photography; the eye and the finger. If you can’t ‘see’ the image or know when to press the shutter you won’t get the shot.
My style is based on the fact that I have never come across anyone who hates having their photograph taken more than me. But believe it or not this attitude helped shape my approach to photographing people. I want to photograph them when they are relaxed and I can’t do that if I constantly pose them and stick a lens in their faces. All I would get is someone with that look in their eyes which screams “please hurry up and take the picture; I’d rather be anywhere else”. I direct people into natural positions and have never asked anyone to “smile”. I want to photograph who you are not what you look like.

RKP aims

We feel portraiture should not be about being told how to pose and when to smile but rather about feeling relaxed and being yourself. Our aim is to photograph people looking as if they were not aware of the camera. To us the end result should show personality and stir the emotions.

We strive to improve and innovate all the time. We are extremely proud to have been the Portrait Photographer of the Year, Under 5s Photographer of the Year and Environmental Portrait Photographer of the Year.

Have a look at our portrait galleries and decide for yourself if we are the photographer for you. There is no right time or age to have a portrait taken. Children change all the time, don’t miss the moment.

The end results

We are exceptionally proud of what we do and want it to be shown off to its best, that is why we use the finest products on the market. All our desktop portraits are framed and the wall portraits are custom framed from a choice of over forty mouldings. Our canvas prints are made using the highest quality archival canvas and are fine art printed and laminated for total protection. Our wedding and portrait albums are totally bespoke. They are individually designed and not created using templates, taking care to ensure they tell the story of the wedding or portrait shoot. We do not print any of our files but leave it to a professional lab who are skilled in true reproduction.
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